Connected Expedition – The Amazon (softcover book)


In October 2018, a 6-member expedition team enters an unexplored area of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest with the objective of discovering its hidden wonders. Dennis, Armando, Alberto and Antonio are the local guides and wildlife experts, from the indigenous Matsés community. Hector is the Argentinian expedition leader and Guillaume, a French amateur photographer. This ebook shows and tells the story of their discoveries, of life at camp in one of the harshest environments on Earth, of the birth of the Jaguar Matsés Connection project.

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That evening, we were sat on logs around the fire for a quick meal after spending the entire day navigating upriver. Everyone was tired. The night was pitch-black. There was no moon, no stars. “Predators love coming out in such darkness!”, said Hector, our expedition leader. I felt like I had just received an adrenaline shot. So I managed to convince Hernan, one of the three native Matsés accompanying us, to join me on the 2-hour long hike to a nearby mineral source to try our luck at seeing wildlife…


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